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Creativity with a purpose

The clients motivate me to innovate and always stay at the forefront, constantly learning and evolving. I believe there is always a way to do something better.

What we do

The bold and impactful messages I produce with digital media, combined with my user-centered approach, will take your company to the next level.

Our responsive websites and digital platforms implement the latest features and most innovative technologies to achieve your goals. 

LMS Interactive Education 

We use a robust Learning Management System (LMS) to implement and validate your programs and courses to help you identify and solve specific learning challenges.

Content Creation

Production of high-end videos, motion graphics, and oustanding photography for a wide range of services.

Data Center and Cloud Solutions

Reduce the cost and complexity of your IT systems by leveraging a highly secure cloud data center.

Graphic Design

We develop a distinct, easy-to-understand visual identity to communicate your company's mission and services, using the most effective media to create eye-catching visual elements.

Custom online surveys

Access survey templates that engage your customers or your target audience. Obtain real-time feedback to improve products, services and overall business.

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I am passionate about the interaction of design as a creative and strategic discipline. I put special effort to achieve sustainable growth for my clients through the Design Thinking methodology.


Angel Montiel

Consultant - Graphic Designer



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7070 Gouin Boulevard, Montreal, QC H1E 1A3

Tel. (514) 651-6699

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